Ron Howard’s Call to Action Review

Ron Howard’s Call to Action Reviewᅠ

I knew exactly what this was before I read the review “Highly recommended! not to go watch this movie!”. I began to doubt myself. I thought maybe I had gone to the wrong page. So I looked up the video on youtube and guess what, I was right, the review I referenced was way off. Let me explain: Ron Howard made a less than 4 minute video as an endorsement of Barack Obama. He also has Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler along for the ride. Howard goes back in time as Opie and Richie Cunningham.

2008 Ron Howards call to Action Happy Days Scene by Arthur-H-Fonzarelli

The review I saw is clearly afraid of people watching the video. They don’t want people to watch it. I say BS. Myself, I was able to look past the political stuff and just got a chuckle seeing these actors trying to look like they did when they were SOOOOOO much younger.
The election is over, doesn’t matter what we think at this point. Just watch for enjoyment, not for any political reason!ᅠ
“Ron Howard’s Call to Action” was a short that Ron Howard made leading up to the 2008 election. He gets into his Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham personae to meet with Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and the Fonz (Henry Winkler) and encourage them to vote for Barack Obama.
OK, so it’s a little hokey. Especially since our national elation after that election has given way to a feeling that Obama hasn’t done what most people hoped for. At least Howard was encouraging people to vote. I personally would have liked to see the Fonz meet Andy (or would Andy have arrested Fonzie?).
Whatever. It’s not a bad short, just sort of silly.ᅠ
Ron Howard has reached a super stardom. But he has become over confident of his stature today. He’s taking his fans for granted! This movie like Ron Howard is an utter disappointment! High time Ron Howard gives his fans movies that are memorable, spectacular and remarkable rather than these mindless ones! There are couple of scenes in the movie which surely tickles your funny bone to the core! But, the way the story drags and too many coincidences gets you on your nerves.
Initially the movie picks up alright. But, gradually you begin to start looking at your watch or at least start yawning! Although Ron Howard delivers his usual best, it feels he’s wasting his talent in such mindless movies. All other actors are acted okay, but finally the storyline, humor or the narration doesn’t give that punch.
Today’s audiences need some better movies & not stupid ones like this!ᅠ

Author: JaketKulit170873

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